Amy Donlan

Amy D. is a Licensed Massage Therapist who is here to help with any pain or injury that you might have had and is focused on you over all well-being. Amy attended the Yellowstone Insitute of Massage Therapy and holds her Associates Degree is Neuromuscular Applied Sciences. She specializes in sports medicine, deep tissue muscle manipulation, Swedish massage and sports massage.

Amy Loves spending her free time with her family and friends, but most of all her two children. She feels this is why its important to have your wellness and best personal interest in mind so you can live your life with your loved ones and not with pain.

Her favorite words to live by are “I dream my painting and I paint my dream.”

-Vincent van Gogh


Jessica Millard

I was raised in North Dakota, where I attended Bismarck State College. I graduated with my Associates in Arts. I then moved to Montana in order to go to Rocky Mountain School of Massage. I enjoy doing deep tissue, Swedish, and hot stone massages. I love massage because there is always something new to learn.

I like to spend my time away from the office with my friends, grandparents, and my cat. Billings is a new place to me, but I cannot wait to experience all that it has to offer!